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05 Feb 2018

By Stephen Mulrenan

Stephen Mulrenan

How to get the best value from your content assets

You’re constantly being told that a successful content marketing strategy begins with a comprehensive audit of your current content assets. But what does such an audit look like, and what do you need to consider when embarking on one?

Working in partnership with Business Development (BD) staff and Professional Support Lawyers (PSLs), Lextel helps firms to make informed decisions about their content by:

Articulating goals: As former legal journalists we are used to asking the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ in order to get to the truth of a story, and your approach to how your content is powering your BD goals should be no different. What are the key content problems you need to address? Is it deleting outdated content, determining SEO effectiveness, evaluating for consistent messaging, or simply improving organisation and quality? Lextel helps firms to decide on the nature and scale of an effective content audit.

Establishing standards: It is vital that firms evaluate all of their content assets against the same set of goals and guidelines in order to highlight inconsistent messaging. We can develop a ‘best practice’ approach to avoid inconsistencies to messaging and branding that can be rolled out across teams and offices through a bespoke style guide.

Aligning content with BD strategy: Firms need to understand their audience’s needs and deliver on them. As experienced editors, we can assist you with defining your target readership groups, delivering the right type of content for that audience and setting up a review process to ensure content is hitting its target audience.

Identifying success: What constitutes a successful content audit will differ greatly from one firm to the next. It may involve an evaluation of buyer personas (target audiences) for the services you offer, or a review of how content is generated and the provision of training and tools to provide more cost effective results. You may be producing great content but delivering it in an ineffective manner (chunky PDFs are no longer the go-to solution). Delivering a successful content strategy requires planning of all of the elements from creation through delivery to promotion then measuring impact. The content audit sets the foundation for success by identifying exactly where Lextel can add value to your BD efforts.

Most firms produce regular content but without a clear content strategy. Whether firms need to kill off redundant content, refresh outdated content or repurpose high-performing content, Lextel can provide an objective perspective on how to get the best value out of your firm’s content assets.